​What does your lingerie color say about you?

Everyone has a go to color. A color that makes them feel bold...confident...sexy. Find out what your lingerie color says about your style.


Do you find yourself drawn to black, whether it’s silk, satin, lace or just plain cotton? It is complete fact that black is at the top when it comes to classic color. It’s timeless, stylish and the epitome of elegance and good taste! Think about how many times you’ve jazzed up a simple black t-shirt with a lip colors or the perfect shoe and felt like owned the world. Or how when in doubt, you can always go to your little black dress for date night or a night out with friends.

The other no brainer about black is that it is very, very sexy. It’s also slimming and complimentary to all skintones.

If you look in your lingerie chest notice a sea of black, here is a read on your style. You are woman with timeless style. You can look back on pictures and not have to hide them in drawers because you’re not into fads, you’re all about what looks best on you. You like expensive, well-cut pieces are all about quality over quantity.

In life you’re no different – you’re looking for a long-term investments of time, relationships, and enjoy the simple things in life.


Another classic color, but this one is more dainty. People who adore white and have the courage to wear it as a staple are very careful. Not only are you careful but you’re contemplative, and put great thought into detail. If you are a fan of white lingerie you’re likely to a pretty traditional and no-nonsense person. You’re realistic and like to live practically however you are not at all afraid to allow your natural beauty to radiate when the right moment presents itself.

Because you are detail oriented, you are not into a bunch of trims and patterns or experimental pieces in your lingerie collection. This transcends to your life and your hankering for pure perfection helps provide clarity on what’s important in life.


The boldest color you can put against your skin. It screams fire and passion, just like your personality. You’re a straight shooter. What you see is what you get. You are not afraid to speak your mind or show anyone exactly how you are feeling. Because you’re so passionate there is nobody more loving than you.

As a red lingerie lover, you enjoy having all eyes on you. You are not afraid of a crowd, in fact you enjoy it. People often think you are intimidating and even sometimes harsh, but when they get to really know you that see that your heart bleeds red and you’re a true sweetheart underneath it all.


Elusive. Feminine. Intuitive. Women who opt for nude are very in touch with their spirituality and their femininity. People often think of you as mysterious. Your poker face is like no other and people admire you because your confidence is humble and honest. For you, lingerie is not designed to be seen to blare a message, but to compliment your physique or your outfit, ultimately making you irresistible.

You are in your own lane and thrive there because you’re all about making yourself better along with the people closest to you.


This bubbly color is a sure sign of a girly girl. You’re all about what’s adorable and all of your friends describe you as sweet and If your friends had to describe you in three words it would probably be something along the lines of “sweet, feminine, and lots of fun.” You enjoy being pampered like the princess you are. You’re not afraid of patterns, prints, and believe a little “color” brightens up any outfit for a perfectly posh statement.

You’re all about finding the silver lining in things and are often described as an optimist. People love being around you because your bubbly spirit is contagious.