Lingerie 101: The 4 Essential Intimates

These four pieces of lingerie are the foundation for what lies beneath.  They are the essentials for preparing all apparel before applying one's unique style.  If you are just beginning to shop for lingerie, having multiple of each of these pieces is a great way to start.



A nude convertible bra. This is essential because nude provides you the freedom to wear any color or fabric over it. For white or light colored clothing a nude convertible bra will have you provide you the most invisible finish. The nude bra itself is the cake and here is the icing – purchasing a nude bra that is convertible.

Convertible bra’s enable you to adjust the straps based on the style of your blouse or dress. Let’s face it, seeing bra straps in your selfies ruins the entire photo. With convertible bras, you have the freedom to wear low back styles, strapless, halter, and crisscross options because this chameleon of a bra can be adjusted to fit any of these styles. As you can see, with a nude convertible bra, possibilities are endless and you can feel confident that your undergarments will not be visible or exposed as they would with other colors and styles. It is recommended to have a few nude convertible bras in rotation as you will likely make them you every day bras.

Bonus for the Nubian Skin Convertible bra sold on - it has a deep plunging front it also makes wearing vnecks, scoop neck, and low-cut apparel easy.



Seamless Panties. When it comes to panties the best way to go is seamless…because it’s seamless of course! The fabric is usually very light and with there not being seams in the garment, you don’t have to worry about panty lines or unwanted wrinkles. You can easily wear seamless underwear under any outfit and not have to worry about your underthings being seen.


Black tights. Think about your history from girlhood into womanhood and note any winter where you did not wear black tights. For most women, this is an impossible task. Black tights are a lingerie drawer staple not only because they keep your legs warm, but they also look really great with dresses, skirts, shorts, and coats in the winter! The black color also provides a classic, slimming look. Whether you’re keeping to professional with something business casual for work, or transitioning a fall dress into winter for a night out, black tights complete the look.



Robe. This is by far my favorite piece of lingerie. Why? Because if you’re in the privacy of your own home you can skip all of the top essential lingerie pieces and lounge in it! Robes are also chameleon pieces as they’re great for lounging around the house, to protect one’s clothes while preparing hair and makeup, to use on vacation, and let’s face it – to run to get mail from the mailbox! I personally and in love with robes and have many colors, prints, and textures. As they’re outerwear there is not a color or style that a woman must have. Feel free to find a robe that best fits your personality, or the destination for which you are traveling if going on vacation.

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