5 Tips for Selecting Wedding Day Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie to wear under your bridal gown is a serious matter. The wrong lingerie on your wedding day can completely ruin your look as well as how you feel, so it is important to choose wisely! The last thing you want to do is look back at pictures and see straps, gaps, lines, or lumps. Furthermore, you do not want the lasting memory from your wedding day to be pain or feeling breathless because you had on a corset or bra that was too tight. Check out these 5 must do’s for bridal lingerie shopping!

1.  Say yes to the dress then the lingerie

When it comes to lingerie shopping for your wedding day, the dress comes first. Your dress style and fit will influence the lingerie required underneath. Many dresses come with corsets, cups, and all kinds of enhancers. Dependent on the type of dress you choose, you may or may not need a bra at all. Be sure to ask the bridal consultant you purchased your dress from for recommendations. If your dress is not equipped with the underthings you need; many pieces such as cups and corsets can be added directly to your dress. Additionally, the bridal consultant has likely worked with other brides who have your dress or a similar one and can advise you based on experience and expertise.

2.  Make the time

Time is of the essence when it comes to all things bridal. Although bridal lingerie shopping should not be the first thing you do, it definitely should not be the last either. When making your bridal list of to do’s be sure to prioritize selecting your bridal lingerie. A good rule of thumb is to purchase your bridal lingerie a month before the wedding. This give you enough time to find what works best for you without rushing, ensure that there aren’t drastic weight changes, and allow you to return anything that doesn’t work.

3.  Comfort over cute

Keep in mind that you will be on your feet most of the day. You’ll be in front of cameras, hugging family, and dancing the night away. Therefore, you to be comfortable. If you’ve never worn a corset before and want to do it strictly for the look, save it for when the ceremony is over. Your bridal lingerie isn’t for experimenting (save that for the wedding night and/or honeymoon), but more so for functionality. There are plenty of comfortable options that are appealing to the eye – those are the options you will want to explore.

4.  Try it before you commit

Make sure to try on your lingerie under your dress. Even if your lingerie is a strapless bra and seamless panties that you already own, you will want to make sure that it fits well underneath your dress and feels comfortable. If purchasing new lingerie, It is a good idea to wear your bridal lingerie around for a day once you’ve purchased it. This will give you an idea of how you will feel underneath it all on the wedding day.

5.  Save sexy for the wedding night

There is a difference between wedding day lingerie and wedding night lingerie. A rule of thumb – if it’s lacey, jeweled or elaborate, you will likely want to save it for once you have removed your wedding. Follow up post on this topic coming soon!

Remember, the purpose of your bridal lingerie is much like a good friend; to enhance, support, uplift!