5 Lingerie Myths Dismissed

1) Lingerie is meant to be sexual

Lingerie is whatever you make it. Yes there are certain styles that are more sexually appealing but the same goes for dresses. Would you say that dresses are meant to be sexual? No, because there are various styles selected for various occassions. The truth is lingerie is meant to be beautiful.

All apparel is an expression of how we feel and lingerie is no different. Lingerie is often oversexualized simply for the fact that it exposes areas of a woman’s body that are typically covered. Us women cannot help that we are sexy! However, how you choose to wear lingerie and who you expose it to is an individual decision at the discretion of the person wearing it. It is up to you choose the intent of your lingerie and if it’s to just feel good or because you like the way it looks, that is ok.

2) Lingerie is meant to be worn only when you’re in a relationship

This is a total untruth. Single girls have the most fun in lingerie, trust me! A woman should feel beautiful regardless of whether she is single, dating, or married. When you look in the mirror in the morning you should be pleased with what you see before you begin to put your clothes on. Also, let’s face it, many men could care less about their woman wearing lingerie, it’s the woman who feels a certain way wearing. Lingerie should be worn for your own pleasure. Whether you choose to share that pleasure with another person is solely at the discretion of the person wearing it.

3) Good lingerie is always expensive

Yes, there are some very expensive lingerie brands out there and they are amazing. However, there are brands available that do not break the bank and are of great quality. Due to the amount of fabric, or lack thereof, production of lingerie does not have to be costly so plenty of brands carry affordable lingerie. For those who cannot justify or afford spending a lot of money on lingerie, there are also good quality brands to choose from. The important thing is to find what you like and what you believe compliments your body. When you find your perfect style and size, you can shop as many brands as you want, expensive or not.

4) A good bra usually lasts for years

The old cliche says it best, nothing lasts forever, bras included! Especially the ones you wear most frequently. With time, the elasticity decreases as a result of wear and tear and washing it! You can add to the lifespan of your bras by hand-washing them as machine washing them will take them out much quicker. Another way to increase the lifespan of your bras are to rotate them. If there is a specific bra style and color you wear buy multiples of it; you should not have an “everyday” bra. A good rule of thumb is to replace your bras every 6 months.

5) For more cleavage you can wear a bra that is too small

If you do this please stop. Though you may see a bit of cleavage as a result of wearing a smaller bra you also may see double boob, sideboob, and other areas as a result of wearing a bra that is too small. To achieve more cleavage opt for a push-up bra. There are push up bra that can significantly increase cleavage without giving it to you in other places as well.

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