About Us

I know, I know, it’s a mouthful of french and you don’t even know if you’re saying it right.  But the meaning behind the name was intimately chosen as it represents the heart behind the brand.  In launching this store I can’t tell you how many side eyes and wrong pronunciations I heard.  However, as a name represents the identification of a person or object and is the one thing which separates us from others - Baiser Marsai (be-zay mar-say) is truly the name that reflect our unique identifier.  


Marsai is the name of my childhood best friend.  Her life on earth was cut short our senior year in high school.  Since her exit from earth I have known that I wanted to somehow pay homage to her.  From the pursuit of a career in criminal justice with the intent to fight for people who had a tragic ending such as her, I’ve always wanted my work to be influenced by her in some way.  My reason for this is Marsai’s spirit was truly all encompassing.   She was fun, beautiful, feminine, flirtatious, and bold.   She lived a life of adventure, and had the presence of an angel; you couldn’t help but smile when she entered the room.  I want her spirit to live on because Marsai to me personifies beauty.  


Marsai is a french name and being that the origin of the word “lingerie” is also french I decided to keep the naming convention consistent.  I added the last adjective to the name; Baiser, which means “ to kiss” in french.   So the name means Kiss Marsai, or Kiss an Angel.  Baiser Marsai for me symbolizes an angelic feminine combination.  The look and feel of this store embodies those same sentiments.   Elegance, femininity, fun, eclecticism, - that is Marsai.  That is this what you put on when you dress in any piece from this store.  Be kissed by an angel, and share the Marsai energy with the world..it’s infectious.


A woman should feel confident, empowered, and beautiful.  I am strong believer in beautification of the inside determining outward appearance.  Just like how what is in your heart and soul illuminates your outward appearance,  what is under your clothes does the same.  Therefore, it all starts within.  Underneath.  What you wear underneath your clothes should reflect the image you want to exude.  Dress for success starting with what lies beneath.  


Now I’m not saying that your bra and panties should always match (mine hardly ever do...however they always compliment), but I am saying that when you feel good about what’s under your clothes it can transform your mood and even your day!   Try wearing lingerie under your outfit for an important meeting, interview, or first date; I guarantee, your confidence level will be at an all time high!  


Now that you have full understanding of the heart of Baiser Marsai, each time you wear a piece from the store you should captivate the Baiser Marsai experience.  Slip into beautiful, fun, handcrafted pieces, smile, and embrace the feminine, bold, eclectic spirit of Marsai.